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BYD 24GWh the globally largest scale factory on stream, THT powers China new energy


On June 27, BYD held a world's largest power battery factory offline ceremony in Xining, Qinghai Province, which announced Qinghai factory would officially put into production. It is said that the production capacity of this factory can reached 24GWh. It is not only large-scaled but also ecological environmental and intelligent.

It is introduced from BYD that this factory covers an area of 1500mu, equivalent to 140 standard football fields. The whole process from raw materials to coating, baking and sorting, etc. has achieved high intelligence. There are nearly 100 automatic industrial robots matched with intelligent logistics systems, automatic guided vehicle, etc.

As  BYD’s partner, Time High-Tech provides power battery vacuum drying solutions for Qinghai factory. On the strength of leading technology, Time High-Tech has achieved the further improvement for scale and intelligence of battery baking, and guaranteed the consistency of the product.

It is known that Time High-Tech provides BYD with a customized tunnel vacuum drying system (the 5th generation). The system adopts the powerless transmission technology in the vacuum chamber. The temperature control part adopts the design structure of multi-module heating and multi-points controlling temperature. All vacuum chamber and module can operate independently. The production capacity can be adjusted flexibly with the combination of robots conveying, loading and unloading. Accordingly, the enterprise production cost gets reduced. Its application range covers the power battery cathode powder, pole roll, pole piece, core and so on.

In 2018, Time High-Tech introduced a new drying line for NCA positive powder material, realizing automation, large-scale production, high vacuum, low dew point environment, fast and uniform heating, and effectively eliminating effects of the internal moisture, gas and impurities of high nickel material like NCA. It can improve the characteristics of high temperature and high frequency, as well as increased the power density, and decrease internal resistance and the moisture content of cathode material, which promotes the technical index for cathode material.

Exhibition: Time High-Tech appears with the new generation of “Black Tech” product on CIBF 2018
The 13th China International Battery Fair (CIBF 2018) was launched in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from 22th May to 24th May.
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